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A photo of the sunny nursery in bloom
The nursery

I specialise in garden plants that will attract bees and butterflies and I have a small plot of land next to the polytunnel where I trial the best plants. I am not open to the public but my plants are available to buy at plant fairs and at Bridgnorth market on a Friday.  This year I am expanding what I do and am growing more vegetable plants. 

It is important to both Pam and I that we follow similar principles. Neither of us uses chemicals unless approved for organic purposes, use of plastic is kept to a minimum, we recycle as much as possible and everything we produce is to benefit wildlife or for sustainable food production.

Events for Spring 2021

‘Get Growing – the road to wisdom’

“Follow the path of self-sufficiency and that way madness lies, but self-provision is the road to wisdom.”  Monty Don July 2016

In early spring 2021 Pam and I will be running a series of sessions on how to grow vegetables; from planning and tools, to considering what to grow and where & when, seed sowing, pests and diseases. These are the perfect introductory days for those who are just starting out wanting to grow more vegetables and those that want some hands on learning. Click here for more details.

Gardening for Bees and Butterflies – May 2021

Would you like to attract more bees and butterflies to your garden? Easy to do in even a small space. You just need to grow a wide mix of pollen and nectar rich plants throughout the year! However , some garden plants don’t produce much nectar or pollen. In this session we will look at some of the best plants for attracting the different types of bees and butterflies and discuss what will suit your garden.
There is no charge but donations to Shropshire Wildlife Trust please