Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Sorrel Farm Salads   Heather is growing organic seasonable vegetables and mixed salad leaves at Pam’s Pools using sustainable & peat-free methods.

Our Green Shop  50 Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth is a new not-for-profit enterprise selling wholefoods, local goods, organic food, environmental cleaners and household products. Promotes local sustainability using re-fill options and minimal packaging to reduce waste and offering a low-impact delivery service.

Apostle Coffee offset their carbon footprint from importing coffee beans by planting native trees locally. Their beans are organic, Fairtrade and roasted off-grid on Wenlock Edge.

Pimhill award winning Shropshire organic oats and cereals  is an organic peat-free local business supplying seasonal flowers.

UK grown organic spelt flour – white or wholemeal or mixed with rye plus other products

Many skin care products from including excellent Gardener’s hand cream in re-cyclable pots. 01948 666550 – a Whitchurch family firm.

Toothpaste in re-cyclable jars, wooden toothbrushes, natural dental floss & re-fills plus other products

Peace With The Wild  wooden hairbrushes & combs, organic cotton biodegradable no-plastic hair ties and much more.

BioD cleaning products made in UK- washing powder [ paper wrapped, not plastic container] ; washing up liquid;  toilet cleaner; sanitising multi-surface cleaner

Zero carbon Shropshire

Natsol – a welsh family firm manufacturing compost toilets

Centre of alternative technology

Permaculture Magazine