Dexter at New Pool 2019

Shropshire Wildlife Trust bought 27 acres of land adjoining my 50 acres in April 2019 and the Reserves Officer, Jan McKelvey, drew up maps and management plans for both areas. In January 2020, SWT leased an additional 25 acres and she is currently working on a map and management plan of this area.

Map of Pam’s Land

Map of SWT Land

Kingfisher 2020

The vision is to maintain and enhance the mosaic of existing habitats over the whole 100 acres of Pam’s Pools and increase the species-diversity of the site by creating new ones through conservation grazing, the planting of native trees and shrubs and the management of the two lakes, three pools and the newly excavated scoops.

New scrapes in swamp field February 2020 – Tim Walter
Dexters in Lane Field with New Pool in background

The wetlands have already started to attract a wide range of birds, amphibians, reptiles and dragonflies. The two wild-flower hay-meadows and species-rich grassland are especially rich in invertebrates, with butterflies & grasshoppers abounding. Camera-traps are revealing plenty of mammals, including otter, polecat & badger.

Common Blue butterfly 2020
Conservation Lake