Get Growing – the road to wisdom

The sessions will offer a tour around Pam’s Pools, where Dr Pam Yuille has been self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables for a number of years, some hands on experience in her small vegetable garden and the chance to sow some seeds and take home some young vegetable plants to grow on at home. 

Dates for the sessions are very weather dependent but will be agreed with the participants.

The numbers of participants per session will be in line with government guidance at the time.  At the moment we are limiting participants to small family groups. There is no charge for each session but we do ask that you make a donation to Shropshire Wildlife Trust. 

To reserve a place please contact Julia Tinker  julia tinker <>  or Pam Yuille or  telephone 07747574268 and please let us know which sessions you are interested in. 

Session 1: For those with a greenhouse or polytunnel (Late February)

Make the most of having a polytunnel or a greenhouse. We’ll look at some of the things that you can be planting early to give you a bit of a head-start. For example early potatoes, chillies, cucumber, tomatoes, aubergines …

Session 2: Brassicas – More than just cabbage.  (March / early April)

We will look at some of the tastiest brassicas around – red cabbage, early purple sprouting broccoli, Calabrese, tender stem broccoli, cauliflower and discuss some of the things that need planting later like sprouts or the more exotic like Pak Choi.

Session 3: Potatoes, onions and garlic (Late March)

Earlies and main season potatoes (it will be too early for sweet potatoes but we can talk about them) – and how about planting a few onions and some garlic to go with them?

Session 4: Beans means … variety! (Mid April)

In this session we will look at the vast variety of beans that you can grow, not just runner beans. We will cover French beans and some of the lesser known beans like ‘Trail of Tears’ or Jacobs Cattle Gold.

Session 5: Planning for summer (Late April / early May)

Hot and hazy summer days might feel a long way off but we need to start planting early for some of the wonderful summer veg: beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes – and if you have a warm sunny spot maybe a melon or two.