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Pam’s Pools, Underton, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 6TY.

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  1. Nicky Smith says:

    Hello Pam, you’re doing wonderful things that sound very much like a larger version of what I want. I’ve rented an allotment in Wolverhampton for 8 years and keep chickens and bees. I should have my first honey this year if the hive makes it through the erratic weather, and my hens’ eggs go to a family nearby the plot. Like you, I grow herbs, fruit, make cider, elderflower drinks, also jams. I took a Suburban Permaculture certificate in 2017, am attempting an online PDC (interrupted) and am trying to be more hands on, ideally get outside the City. What are you looking for in a volunteer? And I guess there would be a minimum stay, for example..
    Cheers, Nicky

    • Sorry not to reply earlier but I was having problems accessing the admin side of the website. I don’t need any volunteers at the moment – unless you were willing to help on my Open Day Sunday 8th July 2-6pm in aid Shropshire Wildlife Trust? Or I would be happy to show you around some time as it sounds as if we are coming from the same place. Best phone me on 07793939291. Best wishes,

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