Pam’s Pools; Bridgnorth; Shropshire WV16 6TY

I am a  retired doctor & I bought Underton Cottage & 4 acres of land back in 1985 . Since the I’ve bought adjoining parcels of land so now this is a 50 acre permaculture/wildlife site with buildings, gardens, orchards, meadows, woodland & two large pools – see other pages for details.

In 1995, Australian relatives visited & introduced me to permaculture. They were horrified by my high carbon footprint, which was mainly due to my high oil consumption, & inspired me to gradually adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
I got rid of the oil-fired Rayburn which had provided central-heating, hot water & cooking facilities and have travelled by train instead of by air since 2008. I try to use my car as little as possible  but I must confess to driving a horsebox, exploring the countryside on horseback being my chief hobby.

I am now self-sufficient in fruit; vegetables; meat, eggs, crayfish and honey and have a surplus to share. My wood provides the fuel which heats my cottage & the homes of some of my friends and PV panels generate more electricity than I use.


I ‘m learning from a retired Gardener, with a lifetime’s experience of growing plants of all kinds and who is also extremely knowledgeable about poultry & bees. He & two strong “Men of all work” & I  work together on Wednesday mornings & other volunteers and friends  help throughout the week.

I  welcome  WWOOFers  – bed & board in my cottage for resident ones.

This is a Permaculture Land Centre and I was a founder-member of the Shropshire & Edges Permaculture Network [SEPNET] and am now the secretary.  We meet regularly at different Permaculture sites , including here.

I am a Life Member of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust [SWT] and the local branch has held numerous events here including tours of the site, moth-trapping, bird-ringing, bat-detecting & fungus forays, with refreshments being served in the Eco-Cabin. They also provide invaluable advice and currently bring a working party one day each month.

I plan to spend the rest of my active life in developing Pam’s Pools as a Wildlife Reserve and to maximise self-sufficiency in food & energy production while minimising waste. There is always more to do & I keep planning how to progress, with the help of friends old & new.

I also hope as many people as possible will visit this beautiful place & share ideas with me & my friends. Day visitors usually only want GUIDED TOURS but some may want to be involved in ACTIVITIES like fruit pruning and harvesting; cider-making; juice and jam production; bee-keeping; coppicing and logging and conservation work.

Please see events page &/or email me on pamela.yuille@doctors.org.uk for details