Pam’s Pools; Bridgnorth; Shropshire WV16 6TY

I am a  retired doctor who bought Underton Cottage & 4 acres of land back in 1985 . Since then I’ve bought adjoining parcels of land so now own a 50 acre permaculture/wildlife site.

In 2019 Shropshire Wildlife Trust [ SWT] bought 27 acres of land adjoining mine and their Reserves Officer, Jan McKelvey, produced maps and drew up management plans for both areas. In 2020 SWT leased an additional 25 acres and she will be adding a map and management plan of this area.

Map of entire site to follow.

The vision is to maintain and enhance the mosaic of existing wildlife habitats over the whole 100 or so acres of “Pam’s Pools” and to increase the species-diversity of the site by creating new ones through conservation grazing, the planting of native trees and shrubs and the management of the two wildflower hay meadows, two lakes and three pools.

See Farming, Wildlife & SWT pages for details.

Back in 1995, Australian relatives visited & introduced me to permaculture. They were horrified by my high carbon footprint, which was mainly due to my high oil consumption, & inspired me to gradually adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
I got rid of the oil-fired Rayburn which had provided central-heating, hot water & cooking facilities, minimised plastic and other waste and travel by train instead of flying. I try to use my car as little as possible  but I must confess to driving a horsebox, exploring the countryside on horseback being my chief hobby.

I am now self-sufficient in fruit; vegetables; meet; eggs; crayfish and honey and have a surplus to share. My wood provides the fuel which heats my cottage & the homes of some of my friends and PV panels generate more electricity than I use.

See Buildings, Gardens and Orchards pages for details.

Julia runs the plant nursery – see “Plant Nursery” page for details – and helps in my garden. Mark is head bee-keeper. Stewart does heavy gardening and conservation work on Tuesdays & other volunteers and friends help throughout the week.

I plan to spend the rest of my active life in developing Pam’s Pools as a Wildlife/ Permaculture Reserve and to maximise self-sufficiency in food & energy production while minimising waste. There is always more to do & I keep planning how to progress, with the help of friends old & new. I hope as many people as possible will visit this beautiful place & share ideas with me & my friends – See “Activities” page for details and my email address.